Show Site Safety Measures

  • Visitor identification : COVID-19 visitor questionnaire, entrance listing, queue line distancing, in-hall crowd control
  • Visitor health check : visitors must go through body temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations, air shower, wear masks & plastic gloves
  • Venue quarantine : in-hall ventilation, disinfection of public facilities (entrance/exits, restrooms, lounges, conference rooms, elevators/escalators)
  • Other safety measures : install temporary medical room, medical/quarantine team available during business hours

Exhibitions Halls Are Safer Than You Think

  • In South Korea, there has been ZERO cases of COVID-19 infections out of 2 million trade show visitors since early 2020.
  • With thorough COVID-19 quarantine management and crowd control, the risk of infection is significantly lower than other public facilities (grocery stores, shopping malls, department stores, and public transportations)
    • - Show entrance/exits are specified.
    • - Only registered visitors may enter the show.
    • - An absolute safe zone due to constant disinfection and ventilation of the venue.
    • - Mandatory visitor health checks are held to prevent virus infections inside venue.

COVID-19 Visitor Guidelines

Use hand sanitizer Wear a mask &
plastic gloves
Temperature check Keep distance (2m)

* Above guidelines must be followed by all visitors, exhibitors, and show management.
* Eating will be prohibited except for designated resting areas.
* Disinfection wastes, such as masks and plastic gloves, are to be disposed in a dedicated waste bins.