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Personal Information Protection Policy
▶ Personal Information Use & Purpose
  - As the event organizer, SPOEX may use visitors’ personal information for marketing purposes.
  - Exhibitors may use visitors’ personal information for marketing purposes upon barcode scanning at exhibitor booth.
▶ Personal Information Collected
  - Name, company name, telephone, e-mail address, survey results
▶ Handling of Personal Information
  - In order to ensure full protection of customers’ privacy and security, SPOEX manages all personal data through EIMS International, a
      certified exhibition registration system operator.
  - SPOEX abides by all Korean privacy protection laws and manages EIMS to take security measures, hold personal data confidential
      from third parties, and discard all information after contracted period.
▶ Retention Period
  - All personal data is retained for so long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose stated above.
▶ Consent & Rights of the Visitor
  - In accordance with personal information protection laws, visitors maintain the right to refuse to share their personal information.
    In the case a visitor chooses not to share this data, entrance to exhibition halls may be limited.